Take a deep breath... and start repairing your credit!

Living with bad credit is a risk. - A risk you can’t afford. Your financial well-being depends on having better credit – starting now.

You may be in a situation where your potential to take on new debt has been exhausted and your ability to pay current debt is marginal. Is your station in life where it should be right now? - Perhaps you are living in a house that’s less than you deserve, driving a worn-out car and not being able to afford new toys for your kids.

Yet still, you are one mishap away from financial doom that would threaten your livelihood.

What if your car broke down and you couldn’t get a loan for a new one? Or your roof leaked and you couldn’t get a home-equity loan to repair it? Maybe you couldn’t even get a line of credit through a store if your TV broke. Even worse, what if you got in an accident, could no longer work and needed credit to survive until you recovered? What if a potential employer researched your credit and pigeonholed you as being irresponsible?

Bad credit can cost you – more than just interest and fees. - A credit score below 620 not only affects your potential to get a mortgage, car loan, or a credit card…you have literally become a “second class citizen” in our society!

Perhaps you have savings or a great career and “OK” credit. But can you afford just “OK” credit?

You can still be drained financially if your credit is “OK”. But can you afford to part with several hundred thousand dollars in interest expenses over the course of your life, which you could otherwise invest in your life, your family or perhaps your own business?

Think of all the things you’ll miss out on without that money. Things like vacations for your family, college tuition for your children…or even your own retirement! You could be living a more comfortable life right now.

Fortunately, if you have bad or "OK" credit, you can make strides toward improving your credit – with the knowledge to move in the right direction, this can be accomplished quicker than you would expect.

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